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 The scary take over of the USA

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The scary take over of the USA Empty
PostSubject: The scary take over of the USA   The scary take over of the USA Icon_minitimeThu Sep 03, 2009 10:21 pm

I heard a commercial today with some celebrities and other idiots that are speaking about pledges. OK ...so pledging the Allegiance to the flag and the United States of America is great and what a true American does but....pledging to be a servant to the President is ridiculous and backwards. They sounded like programmed robots saying this crap. We do not serve the President or any other elected member of congress for that matter. THEY WORK FOR US! The citizens of this great country. I'm tired of this arrogant attitude they have towards us. I truly believe we are losing our country to these radical extremists and our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves. It's scary, and people that love this country and the capitalistic lifestyle we know, should wake up to this change. Stand up for your rights and do not become a follower or mindless sheep to this takeover. Don't believe me? Pay attention and do your homework. Step by step it's happening. Our children and grandchildren will be the ones to suffer and end up paying the price. This is the greatest country in the world for a good reason. Don't let these controlling power-hungry people take it away from you. They will make promises and manipulate you until you are desperate and then it's over. I'm not some kid running his mouth. I'm mature and understand history and these types of individuals. Please wake up and become aware. God Bless the United States for we need it.
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The scary take over of the USA Empty
PostSubject: Re: The scary take over of the USA   The scary take over of the USA Icon_minitimeMon Sep 28, 2015 5:14 pm

It mind sound radical to call us a police state, but what can we honestly do in a situation where a cop breaks into your home with no authorization and roughs you up when you are defenseless.
That feeling you get every time you pass a cop, it's not a safe feeling.

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The scary take over of the USA
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