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 now buthead is stealing peoples cats

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now buthead is stealing peoples cats Empty
PostSubject: now buthead is stealing peoples cats   now buthead is stealing peoples cats Icon_minitimeSat Jul 21, 2012 1:56 pm

yep, you heard right. I am so pissed it isnt funny! It all started about a month or so ago. He claimed to have rescued an abandoned cat from the parking lot of our appartments. At first, i was happy about it, but it also got me to wondering. You see, this complex dosent have a huge amount of cats wandering about. In fact, ive only seen one actual stray,but i havent seen that one since we moved in. There are 2 other cats that frequent the parking lot. One thats an 'apartment' cat, and one that i was possitive was owned. So, yea, i got a bit conserned so i started asking questions. Turns out the cat that he took for a week was not a stray, but was actually the big beautiful seal point that i knew was owned! His reasoning on why he thought it was a stray? It was friendly and apparently hopped into their car,and was obviously starved for attention. I wanted to scream! this was outrageous! You dont just take an animal based on the fact that its friendly and hopped in your car! And this cat is extremely healthy, verry well fed and groomed! Nothing, what so ever, says that this cat is homeless!!! Now apparently he's doing it again. He has his eye on this cat,apparently skin an bones, oh,, and is called gypsy. He knows this because someone came rushing out an claiming the cat as theirs. He thinks they are lying about owning the cat or that they are abusing the cat,and if he sees it out again he plans on taking it. I am just disgusted with him! I can not wait till we move! I dont want to be here anymore, an most certanly i want to get away from him. I can imagine the neighbors associate me with him, after all, they see me lugging his breathing machine and other crap in an out of his car. I dont need that kind of association....oh an please, do not think that he is just some old sickly humanitarian trying to do good for the animal kind. He is anything but! I had a chance to go back home for a bit, or at least it was supposed to be a bit, mabe 2 days or more. I woke up super early to take care of everything. I cleaned, did laundry, packed, made brunch, and took the dog out, all before racing out the door to catch the buss to go catch train. I had just barely got in an saw my wife when she informed me buthead called. the dog had went into the bathroom and had a large BM in there. Any normal person would have at least appriciated the fact that the dog went there and not somewhere more problimatic, like the bedroom or livingroom carpet. Any normal person would simply clean it up or get someone else to... Not buthead. Buthead decided the best course of action was to close the bathroom door and leave the appartment, and go back to car, call my wife and bitch to her about it. He finally cleaned it up, but only after complaining about it for hours, and refusing to get someone to help him or to hire a maid service to do it.... Needless to say that, for the dog's sake, i dont travel anymore.
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now buthead is stealing peoples cats
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