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 isnt that the slave's job?

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isnt that the slave's job? Empty
PostSubject: isnt that the slave's job?   isnt that the slave's job? Icon_minitimeWed May 16, 2012 12:41 pm

me an the wife had planned a trip a week in advance.she was headed up for mothers day and i was to come up the last 2 days to do things with my mom. Things happened and it wound up being cut down to a day trip. One of the major problems was finding someone to watch over our 14 year old puppy. Kitty boy was nowhere to be found, so we left her in the capable hands of sir buthead. How hard can it be? I mean, all he has to do at the most is walk her a couple of times and keep her water full. Easy. My day started at 6:35am with feeding the pup, packing,showering, taking pup for her walkie at 7:30 and then grabing the wife's chair an flyin out the door to catch the 8:00 bus to make the train. Everything went as ok as i expected...till i got to my wife at her daughter's place. She was absolutely furrious! Not at me, at buthead! First she told me that buthead had called her, asking if i had taken the dog with me on the train...what a crazy freakin idea! That would have made everythinh so much easier! And im sure the train would have happily stopped whenever she had to go potty, and the theatre and resteraunt would have been thrilled with the idea too!..rolls eyes and shakes head...the he calls up again to tell us the dog had an accident. She had went into the bathroom and had a huge BM an p, all over a towel on the floor. Anyone with a lick of sence would have been understanding and ,even more so, apreciative that she went there and not the carpet...but not buthead! He then went on to tell the wife that because the dog had relieved herself in the bathroom, that it was obvious that she did not need to go for a walk...and he just turned around and left her and the mess in the appartment and left tocall the wife. Apparently in his eyes, her appropriate response should have been to make me turn arround and spend the next 3-4 hours bussing back to the train station, hopping on the next train (and thats assuming that there is one there the instant i show up), and bussing back home to deal with the mess. Needless to say, the wife is smart and didnt do that, and insted made him figure out how to fix the problem. After an hour or more of ranting he finally cleaned it up, which is to say he whent to his new girlfriend and bitched about us to her and she cleaned it up. I wonder if im gonna have to make the dog my +1 at my sister's wedding?
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isnt that the slave's job?
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