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Welcome To..........Im So Pissed Off .com

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PostSubject: promises....   promises.... Icon_minitimeWed Mar 28, 2012 10:37 pm

i love my wife, i truely do. And i try my best and not ask for much... But it really irks me when other people get gifts and i get promises. I even get recycled promises. Dont know what that is? Its a promise that has been made to you, never fulfilled, and repromised to you all over again. Since my birthday last year ive been waiting for a new computer. It was repromised the month after, never happened. Repromised again for yule, this time with all the bells n whistles. Never happened, a new promise got added though. Beings how we were moving around yule ment that no one, not even family, were getting presents, and that would be corrected the next year.... Im still waiting to be able to buy gifts...and still waiting for that new rebuilt used computer...waiting while friends come over and money is spent on them...waiting while her and the man an everyone get to have trips back to the hometown while i stay an appartment sit...waiting while she gets a weekly dose of tamalies ranging from ten to fifteen or more bucks a week, and i gotta ask if i can spend a buck of my own money, or i have to gather cans where ever i can so i can sometimes buy something. Now she says that i cant have the computer till we move back...when is that gonna actually be??? In the begining i was told i would only be here a month...
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