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 Two-Faced Liars

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PostSubject: Two-Faced Liars   Two-Faced Liars Icon_minitimeThu Nov 24, 2011 12:27 pm

Right Suspect Don't you hate it when one of your bloody friends turns into massive heartless two-faced liar biatch?!! Only thing they have to do is to face the God damn fact but they can't even manage to do that! I SWEAR NEXT TIME THAT STUPID BIATCH LIES INTO MY FACE I'M GONNA FRICKING BAAAAAAAANG HER!
Any ideas how to shut her fricking face up?
Only thing she does is spreading rumors about every single pupil in the world !
Her life is soooooooo fricking boring that she has NOTHING else to do than think about me and spread cowsh,t about me!
What the hell she think she is?!
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Two-Faced Liars
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