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 LEGAL DECLARATION: LinBeh, Push2TiLT, Madhatter788

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PostSubject: LEGAL DECLARATION: LinBeh, Push2TiLT, Madhatter788   Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:02 pm

1. I herebly solemnly declare and define that the person(s) behind the Pokerstars nicknames of 'LinBeh', 'Push2TiLT' and 'Madhatter788' is/are one and the same person, (the "Cheat").

2. I further declare that person as described in (1) (the "Cheat") is a cheat and con. The said "Cheat" has cheated others of their money and time, under various names such as "Jimmy" and "Alan".

3. The "Cheat" has declared to several members of the Pokerkaki community that their members cannot be trusted. I myself, is a member of the Pokerkaki community; hence that declaration includes me. I consider that a defamation.

4. Pursuant to my declaration (1), I will assume that declaration (1) to be accurate unless challenged in any Singapore Court of Law. The "Cheat" solicitor may transmit your challenge to myself
Lee Sew Kein
IC S7573370D
1 Sophia Road
Singapore 228149

5. Pursuant to item (3) above, I hereby declare my intention to challenge the "Cheat" in any Singapore Court of Law, that the "Cheat" are intentionally malicious and fraudulent in making the declaration in (3). The "Cheat" is hereby instructed to furbish his Full Legal Name, Identity Card number and Correspondence Address, included in item (4). My legal representation will issue my challenge within 7 working days.

6. Should the "Cheat" prefer the challenge to be conducted in a Court of Law in a different jurisdiction, indicate such preference in a legal letter to item (4)

7. The "Cheat" has 7 days to respond. Failure to respond (i) indicates my declaration in (1) is accurate. (ii) No future legal representation is possible.
Failure to respond does not mean that item (5) will not be proceeding.

8. This online letter via an URL will be proven to be transmitted to you on your last known MSN, MSN email address and SMS. Ignorance nor a declaration of non-receipt are not legally accepted. Your 7 days response period will begin on the date stamp of the email se

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PostSubject: Re: LEGAL DECLARATION: LinBeh, Push2TiLT, Madhatter788   Tue Nov 09, 2010 11:47 pm

Nuclear debris could reveal clues of bomb's origin
By Katia Moskvitch
Science reporter, BBC News

The first atomic bomb exploded at a test site in July 1945
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Could terrorists get a nuclear bomb?
Japan marks atom bomb anniversary
Nagasaki bomb marked 65 years on
Forensic analysis of the debris left after a nuclear explosion could yield crucial evidence about the composition and the origin of the bomb, say scientists.

A US team examined Trinitite, the glassy ground debris from the first-ever nuclear test that the US Army conducted in 1945 in New Mexico.

They used advanced analytical techniques to reveal details about the materials used to construct the bomb.

The study appears in the journal PNAS.

The first atomic bomb exploded in the early hours of 16 July, 1945, in the desert near Alamogordo Air Base. Code-named "Trinity", the detonation was just a test conducted far away from any settlements.

Just weeks later, in the final stages of World War II, two atomic bombs were dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Between 90,000-166,000 people died in Hiroshima and some 60,000-80,000 in Nagasaki. About half of the deaths happened on the day of the bombing.

Tracing the responsible
Now, many consider the threat of a nuclear attack by terrorists to be very real. Such an attack could potentially wipe out whole cities.

But if someone does ever undertake such an attack, could the culprits behind the bomb ever be found?

The current study's lead author Albert Fahey, of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (Nist) in Gaithersburg, US, seems to think so.

"Prior to this, pretty much everyone assumed that everything would be vaporised, it would all be homogeneous and we would have no idea whatsoever where this thing came from," he told BBC News.

Continue reading the main story

Start Quote

Prior to this, pretty much everyone assumed that everything would be vaporised”

Dr Albert Fahey
National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
"Turns out that's not true."

The researcher explained that his team used nuclear forensic analysis to study a little piece of trinitite that he obtained from a material collector over the internet.

The scientists were surprised to find that their "microanalysis" techniques identified the secondary materials used to build the device that went off at Trinity site.

This information, in turn, can be used to trace the bomb's origin, he said.

"Prior to this study, people didn't realise that other components of the bomb could be discerned from looking at ground debris and seeing what's associated [with it]," said Dr Fahey.

"But there are some distinctive signatures that were in the bomb other than fission products and plutonium, and that gives you hope that you can get some additional information out of it - like where it was made."

Other materials
The researchers write in the paper that contrary to the nuclear material that would be likely to come from wherever a person could get it, "whether it was submitted by a state that's sympathetic or they got it on the black market", other materials would likely be of local origin.

"The materials that go to make the rest of the bomb, to produce the critical mass, [would be] obtained from local sources," said Dr Fahey.

"Perhaps if it's a gun-type device, an artillery barrel, maybe it was put in a shipping container so maybe there were bricks around it.

"And they'll have records associated with them. For example, if someone were to use a lead tamper, then the isotopic composition of the lead would pinpoint or at least narrow down the number of lead mines it could come from."

The site for the first atomic bomb test was code-named Trinity
Richard Lindstrom, also of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and a co-author of the study, told BBC News that the study was a crucial first step to help identify those behind any future nuclear terrorist attack.

"The interest that the team are trying to stir up is that here is this ancient material from 1945 that contains a tremendous amount of information that maybe we should go back and try to understand a little bit better - just in case we ever should try to infer the composition and source of a nuclear explosion from the debris of a terrorist event.

"Just from this random sample of trinitite we can draw a surprising number of conclusions about the device."


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LEGAL DECLARATION: LinBeh, Push2TiLT, Madhatter788
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