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 Why are you being so over dramatic?!

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PostSubject: Why are you being so over dramatic?!   Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:50 pm

Ok, well lately I have been doing some bad things. Meaning drinking, and smoking marajuana. I don't get to crazy with them though. One night me and a friend went to a movie and went to drink afterwards. Well my mom found me and started screaming at me and punished me. I've been punished for a month+. My mom keeps saying to me shes going to send me to a drug facility or some kind of military school. She was going on and on about how soon I'll get high off of household items and start worse drugs. What she doesn't realize is her suffocating me will be the reason I do worse things! She is nice to me sometimes and the other times shes being a total bitch to me. She tries to make me feel guilty all the time. She thinks I'm such a horrible child and I'm being a complete rebel. What she DOESN'T REALIZE, is compared to a lot of the teens around here I'm an angel compared to them. I could be a whoooooole lot worse then I am.
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Why are you being so over dramatic?!
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