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 What is wrong with people?????

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Snake Eyes

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What is wrong with people????? Empty
PostSubject: What is wrong with people?????   What is wrong with people????? Icon_minitimeWed Mar 10, 2010 12:01 am

I just typed a lot of words and lost it all!!! That in itself pisses me off. If you write a post and wait to send it or preview it......copy and paste it or you will time out and lose it. Just some advice. Anyway....I'll make this shorter but I was in a dept store looking for some jewelry for someone to buy. There was one cashier and it was only jewelry in this area of the store. As the lady walked towards me to help me with a purchase, a man went to the register and wanted to checkout. So she went over there first and he paid for his 1 gal. of milk. As she was giving him the reciept, 4 other people walked up in line. All with 1-4 items each. From milk, cookies, to tampons. The cashier continued checking them out. I figured I better get in THAT line or I'll never get help. I spoke aloud about how rude these people were and inconsiderate also as they all saw me there waiting on the other side of the counter. I got 3 dirty looks and rolled eyes. Rolling Eyes I was there waiting first. But these idiots figured they were more important and needed to check out their crap in the jewelry dept. and how dare I try to interfere with their purchases cuz i wanted jewelrly and not food etc. I WAS IN THE JEWELRY DEPT.!!!! for crying out loud! scratch I wish these morons develope spontanious diareah for a week. They deserve it for being all assholes. I really wish I had that power haha. affraid btw...there are plenty of other registers to checkout in this store specifically for all the other items.
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What is wrong with people?????
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