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 ...Divorced Parents.

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PostSubject: ...Divorced Parents.   Mon Feb 15, 2010 9:33 pm

My parents are divorced. It really pisses me off that when my dad calls, all I have to look forward to is bad-mouthing my mother, saying that where I live sucks, and that I should move out to where he is. He tries to bribe me by saying I can drive a fancy sports car (which I don't even want), and he'll find me some anime clubs to join, and all that crap.
He says my mother gives up too easily, and that she has "LOADS" of time, but how the hell does he know? I don't want to move to him, and leave behind my stuff, my friends, my dog, and my mother. I also hate going on planes, but it's not like I can ride one without a passport. He can't even take a trip down to the passport office to sign the freaking papers. I don't want to say that I hate him, but I do. I loathe him. He also tries to guilt me into it saying my half-sister talks about me all the time, and how her friends all have big sisters and she doesn't get to see hers. If he really cared, he wouldn't have stopped visiting me 5 years ago and would understand my fear of getting onto planes. (Yes I know it's irrational, shut up.) He's saying my mother is at fault for how I am, and why I'm so shy. Maybe I just am? I can't get enough nerve to tell him straight up. And I can't tell my mom, she'll just get offended and unhappy and try to get me to tell her exactly what happened or my dad will start court action and then I'll HAVE to move away. It pisses me off. I have to tell him straight up on the phone... I just hope I can.
FML. I've cried 3 times today.
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PostSubject: Re: ...Divorced Parents.   Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:42 pm

I came from divorced parents and it wasn't fun. But one thing I noticed is that my parents didn't involve us kids. They didn't bad-mouth each other to us or in front of us. They didn't use us as pawns to get back at each other. They were mature and civil about it. This can be done and is important that parents understand the damage they can cause to the children. I am assuming at your age a judge in court would look at both homes and allow you to chose whom to live with, depending on the conditions of your parents homes and lifestyles. I wouldn't care too much what your father or mother would say to you concerning each other. Let them both know how you really feel. They need to respect your feelings and well-being. Just remember to be respectful to them as well. I wish you luck with this as I know it can be very difficult. Remember, your parents first concern should be you and your siblings life and whats best for you. Unfortunately selfishness gets in the way and it can get ugly. Less drama is a good thing!
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...Divorced Parents.
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