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 I'm surrounded by idiots!

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Snake Eyes

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I'm surrounded by idiots! Empty
PostSubject: I'm surrounded by idiots!   I'm surrounded by idiots! Icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2009 5:00 pm

What pisses me off is...I'm starting to realize that there are more and more idiots all around this country. I mean total morons that think they are the best thing walking on 2 legs since the beginning of time. They are know-it-alls, braggarts, show-offs, selfish, liars, phoneys, losers, wanna- bes, low lifes, scum of the earth dipshits! I run into these creatures every day. It's got to be their up bringing. Society has created these idiots by telling them that they are perfect and nobody is better than them. Political correctness also is to blame for these scumbags. So..if you are an idiot, and you probably know who you are, stay away from me. Far away. You are bothersome and I don't need the grief of you invading my space. You are disgusting to me.
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I'm surrounded by idiots!
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