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 Why is my lil brother like this?

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PostSubject: Why is my lil brother like this?   Fri Jun 12, 2009 10:33 pm

My 10 year old brother used to be easy going, does his thing without bothering anybody, and rarely pisses me off intentionally. I think, because my parents are spoiling him by letting him talk back to them harshly and act out rudely and terribly, is the reason he's the rotten piece of trash he is now. My parents never let me act the way my lil brother does. Anything I say and do, my dad would bitch slap me or pound me to the floor or even scream at me if I ever tried something. I guess since they're older, they'd rather let life punish him instead >.> which doesn't make sense. God, what a piece of shit! Evil or Very Mad He busts into the computer room whenever I'm on it, he follows me whenever I have my mother take me places, he keeps calling me queer despite the fact that I'm not, and he argues with me only to have our parents yell at both of us. He keeps harassing me without me even bothering him, and he knows how to do it while he keeps mentioning excuses such as "I'm just a child, I don't know any better."

I regret asking for a brother or a companion in general if I keep getting bullsh*t results like this sh*t bag. -sighs- Ok, I better stop before I get out of hand xD Ah who am I kidding?! He's a turd!
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PostSubject: Re: Why is my lil brother like this?   Sun Jan 17, 2010 4:41 pm

My little sister's like that, only not so bad. Poor you :@ I don't see what you can do about it, though apart from tell your parents that you think it's unfair you get treated differently, but they'll probably just say 'Well, that's how you see it, but we treat you both the same.' I hope venting it on the website made you feel better.
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Why is my lil brother like this?
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