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 We as taxpayers are being ripped off!

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We as taxpayers are being ripped off! Empty
PostSubject: We as taxpayers are being ripped off!   We as taxpayers are being ripped off! Icon_minitimeFri Apr 03, 2009 10:23 am

I know the economy sucks right now. Some people have it worse off than others. I blame greed in congress and certain corporations that are paying executives too much money when they fail. With the housing situation as bad as it is...I think the enormous amount of "bailout" or "stimulis" money could have been better spent. We have an overflow of houses on the market out there. We also have many people suffering and are homeless or living in cramped quarters with other family members. Why can't these brilliant congress members figure out a way to put people in these homes and help them get a head start. In the mean time, these empty homes are being neglected and damaged. Neighborhoods are becoming run down. I'm not talking about putting people that can't help pay the mortgage but people that can help turn this economy back around. Try getting a mortgage or construction loan today. Because of idiots in congress and greedy people in the mortgage business, this is the result. Now it's tough for the average citizen to get a mortgage. Banks are holding on to the money they received. The permiting office is talking about raising fees...what?? If people stop coming in your store do you raise the prices? It's tough to get a break these days because of a few bad apples. Lets make a statement with our votes next year for congress. QUIT SPENDING SO MUCH WASTEFUL TAXPAYERS MONEY!!! Is it me or should life become easier to live as generations come and go? I mean, we should learn from our mistakes and improve the way we can survive. That includes the cost of living alone.
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We as taxpayers are being ripped off!
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