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 The checkout line!!!

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Snake Eyes

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The checkout line!!! Empty
PostSubject: The checkout line!!!   The checkout line!!! Icon_minitimeTue Mar 10, 2009 10:30 pm

Well, I needed to get my dog some dog food today because he was out. He's a big dog over 125lbs. He gets hungry. So on the way home I stop off at a store to grab the dog food which I always buy there cuz it's a great price and I buy the biggest bag I can. It takes me and my son 5 minutes to go into the store grab the food and even pickup some biscuits for him. Then I get in line. There are 4 people ahead of me. No prob. The guy at the register has a bunch of stuff so it's taking awhile. Just as the cashier is done scanning his stuff, A man that can't hear and his wife ask the cashier which is an older lady I'd guess in her 60's about getting help with some mulch. so she grabs the phone and asks for some assistant to help them out. The wife of the deaf man walks away and the deaf man just waits to the side. Ok well the second person in line has only a couple items. But decides to pay for it with a check because she doesn't have enough change in her purse. There's a problem with the check so the cashier calls the manager to approve it. While we are waiting for that, A hispanic man asks the cashier in very bad english (mostly spanish) about a grill the supposively had on sale but is not there on display. So she picks up the phone again and tells someone else about that. Now he's not in line just walks in. I still have patience. A manager shows up and approves the check. Great! We're only 2 more to go and I'm there. The manager gets called away and now the spanish guy is asking for help again. My patience is waning now. The next couple are young. They are buying some household goods and a body pillow. But wait!..there's a rip in the pillow they just noticed. Darn! The woman runs back to exchange it for a good one. That doesn't take too long but still holds up the line. In the meantime, the spanish dude asks the cashier about some BBQ bowl and brush hanging on the rack. The lady is back with the pillow but the cashier is still chatting with the spanish dude. Now these people just walked up in front of us in line and didn't think twice about it. Finally the couple with the pillow are done. Now just one more before me. This is another couple with misc. stuff. Before they get their things scanned the phone behind the cashier rings, of course she picks it up and talks for about 3 minutes. To whom I don't know. The couple get their things scanned and before they pay for it an assistant walk up to the cashier and asks about the mulch. Ok the deaf guy walked over to the side and can't hear the cashier talking to him. He's deaf! So the assistant goes over and communicates with him the best he can. I have no clue as to where the wife of the deaf guy went. She's been gone for awhile. Ok the couple in front of me checks out and as they are walking away. The assistant asks the cashier to ring up some mulch. Now I'm losing my patience. I said "I only have some dog food and I'm in a hurry." So she says "OK" She rings me up and I pay and off I go! It took me 30 seconds to check out once I was up there. Now as I'm walking out the assistant wants to see my receipt for the dog food. What?? He was standing there! I was in line no less than 35 minutes. That's a long time and that sucks since I don't mind waiting but the people that think they are all that. They can kiss my butt! For Gods sake people!! Have some damn sense! Now I feel better and my dog is happy and full.
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The checkout line!!!
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