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PostSubject: A JOKE CALLED THE STIMULUS PACKAGE   Mon Feb 16, 2009 12:56 pm

This so-called stimulus package that the democrats of congress are trying so desperately to pass is a joke! Full of pay backs for the crooks that helped elect them. 2 billion to acorn? These A**holes were found guilty of voter fraud numerous times. Pay-back? 400 million to help protect some frog in San Fran.? Pelosis project? pay-back? Frisbee golf courses? What?? Tax breaks for Hollywood movie makers?? pay-back?? Many other projects that are receiving our money. There are billions being wasted here. Congress is so quick to pass it. Using scare tactics if it isn't passed. Shame on you! There are over 1000 pages and I don't believe any of these pushy congressmen have read the entire thing. What a joke! We are being robbed people and if you realize it..Stand up! If this package was available for the public to read and vote for it...it would not pass! Too much wasted money we don't have! Why not just give the money back to the tax payers and let them decide who gets it. Sounds fair to me. The majority of the crap in there won't stimulate the economy. That's the idea congress!!! Congress is run now by crooks and if you can't see that...You are drunk on the koolaide they are trying to force you to drink. Wake up people. Please inform yourself on whats going on here. We all want a better America. It won't happen if the fox is watching the hen house.
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