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 My one and only spouse

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My one and only spouse Empty
PostSubject: My one and only spouse   My one and only spouse Icon_minitimeSun Nov 23, 2008 12:36 pm

Well right now I'm not pissed but yesterday I was...just a little bit. I was working on something that was giving me problems and after about 2 hours of screwing with it... I wasn't happy to say the least. I finally figured it out and had it working. Only to have my wife come over and carelessly screwed it up! Mad I had to start all over again! It pissed me off! But I got it going again and all is good. Amazing how a good nights sleep seems to repair those bad feelings. Of course she'll piss me off again sooner or later....but I love her and I accept her as she is. Now I think I'll have a beer and watch some football drunken Until next time...peace!
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My one and only spouse
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