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 Where's the change??? I'm waiting!

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Where's the change??? I'm waiting! Empty
PostSubject: Where's the change??? I'm waiting!   Where's the change??? I'm waiting! Icon_minitimeSun Nov 09, 2008 2:05 pm

I'm so pissed! Now that our saviour Obama has been elected. Where's the change? I mean he said he was going to give us each $1000.00 and free health care. So I suppose we have to wait until he's sworn in on Jan.20. Then how long will it take? I hope this man Obama (our saviour) comes through with his promises. I really wish I would have listened to all the entertainers and the media that promoted Barry and voted for our new hero Obama. But I didn't. I would have been associated with a winner then. Isn't that what we are all about? Being linked to winners? Darn it! Seriously, my biggest concern for this country now is our security in a world where there are alot of people that want to see us beaten down. That's why I believe Obama is the wrong choice. The economy is second and from what Obama has promised and what he will actually do are not the same. Thus a bad choice. I want the best for our country and understand as a whole us Americans want generally the same things. It's who we trust and believe will help make this the best country in the world. Politicians lie. Lets all hope that Obama follows through with helping this country move in the right direction. I doubt it. There is one good thing about Barry winning the election, Finally there is no reason for black people to blame the white man for holding them down. Even though Obama is only 1/2 black. Why he disses his white side is a wonder to me, but whatever he wants, he gets. I suppose. I mean, he's the Messiah...right??? Question
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Where's the change??? I'm waiting!
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