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 Frickin Politics!!

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Frickin Politics!! Empty
PostSubject: Frickin Politics!!   Frickin Politics!! Icon_minitimeTue Sep 02, 2008 10:45 pm

So some of you assholes love digging up dirt on the other presidental candidate. You know the evil terrible one. Well for the ones that are lambasting Sarah Palins daughter for being 17 pregnant and unwed. Most of you are hypocrits. I saw these teenagers on tv being interviewed and they all said what a terrible thing for Sarahs daughter to do. Shame on her!! Thats just retarded!! and Thats a shameful thing for her to be pregnant!! WHAT??? I bet my paycheck every one of those kids are NOT virgins. and do other unspeakable things. Hypocrits! Oh yea right you are all f#*^king angels. You people piss me off! Family members are off limits in this campaign and the liberal media just loves this crap! You also piss me off!!!! Mad
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Frickin Politics!!
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