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 Uncaring Idiots!!

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PostSubject: Uncaring Idiots!!   Mon Aug 25, 2008 7:16 pm

I have worked in animal shelters for over 15 years and have seen some horrific things. I often wonder how people can be so indifferent as to cause so much suffering to animals. Today a stray puppy came into the shelter, extremely emaciated weighing only 15 lbs. She couldn't walk on her paws because she had no muscle in all four of her legs. Looking at her legs from her side they made the letter "L" she was walking on what would be her forearms. With each word spoken to her the tail immediately wagged, she is covered with sores, you can see every rib, hip and skull bones. Why would anyone allow this happen to a puppy? For God's sake if you don't want to feed it, take it to a shelter where it has a chance of finding a home where it will be fed and loved.

I'll just never ever understand why we humans think animals feel no pain. This really ticks me OFF!!!!
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Snake Eyes

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PostSubject: Re: Uncaring idiots!!   Tue Aug 26, 2008 1:28 pm

That bothers me also. It's that same old attitude that some people just don't give a crap! I watch animal cops and see alot of human pigs that treat their pets terribly. No water no food no shelter collars too tight where the skin begins to grow around them. Makes me sick! If I was King....haha...I'd place these peole in cages and feed them when I felt like it. Believe it or not, animals can feel pain and hunger. Treat them well or don't have any at all.
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Uncaring Idiots!!
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