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 My mean evil nasty ex

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My mean evil nasty ex Empty
PostSubject: My mean evil nasty ex   My mean evil nasty ex Icon_minitimeWed Jun 25, 2008 3:31 pm

I'm divorced because my exwife is evil. she drinks too much- smokes too much -pops pills like candy and was down right mean to me. She constantly hit me- threw objects at me- messed around on me- and used our kids against me. She even trid to stab me once! I never hit her or cheated on her or threw anything at her. So I filed for divorce and she fought me tooth and nail. Maybe because she was going to lose a poor soul to abuse. It took 3 years and alot of money but was worth it. Well now I'm divorced from her and very happy with a lovely new wife that doesn't do any of those terrible things. I feel bad for my ex's boyfriends- they will soon feel the evil wrath of that bitch!! By the way my ex also started to smell really bad in a certain area and I'm guessing it was from the evil inside her. God knows I'm much happier. So watch out for those abusive spouses- Don't ever take any crap from them- ever! Exclamation
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My mean evil nasty ex
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