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 Ebayers shipping costs

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Snake Eyes

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PostSubject: Ebayers shipping costs   Sun Jun 22, 2008 11:21 pm

I thought this little vent would fit this subject . I deal on ebay and am pissed about how some sellers try to either hide the shipping costs or charge outrageous prices to send you the item. I have bought and sold close to 500 items and never overcharged but some "greedy sellers" think they are slick by hiding handling charges or not stating the costs at all. These people are no better than the sleazy used car salesman down the street. Beware if you do any business on ebay. Always read all the print and ask before bidding on any item the full price for shipping and handling. You over chargers should be ashamed! No
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PostSubject: Feedback   Tue Jul 22, 2008 10:57 am

Whats this now that you can't leave negative feedback anymore???? I guess ebay doesn't want you to hurt anyones feelings. Political correctness has gotten out of hand. What a joke!!!! affraid
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Ebayers shipping costs
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