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 rude neighbors and mass confussion

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rude neighbors and mass confussion Empty
PostSubject: rude neighbors and mass confussion   rude neighbors and mass confussion Icon_minitimeSun Nov 20, 2011 2:11 am

well tonight was annoying.my neighbors to my left live in a verry small place, like half the size of mine. they decided to throw a big party. what they did not decided to do was have a brain and tell people to carpool to the event or to ask their neighbors if it would be ok to use them as overflow parking. i was talking to my mom and clarifying holiday event schedules and hug up the phone and got the wife a glass of soda from the kitchen, then the brit came home complaining that the gate was compleatly blocked and he wound up having to park by the mailbox. i was in shock because i was just out there and i only saw one car that was slightly on our driveway, not enough to worry about. i storm back out there and cars are everywhere, one nearly blocking the gate. the wife was furious! i wasn't very happy and wanted to call the police or something and teach someone a season. the wife wanted m,e to get dressed an go over an kick some ass. i wasn't happy about that idea because i was having a wave of anxiety at the idea of going over an dealing with people that could be unruly or drunk or high or who knows. they might be my neighbors but i don't know them. i listened to the wife rant and make me feel like shit and then i went outside. there were some people out by those cars and i asked them to please move their cars. they agreed to do so but they took their time smoking first. i only know this because i went inside, but it was too tense inside and i have no place to run an hide anymore so i went back outside. i just stood on the porch an didn't say anything and sorta stayed by one of the pillars on the porch, sorta out of sight but not really. the 2 that had agreed to move their cars were still out there smoking. a semi drunk chick came out of the party and asked them what they ere doing. she said smoking and then they had to move their cars. the drunk screeched out a why and started asking if it was because of that psycho...and the others cut her off and said that they just needed to move their cars, and the drunk went back inside. they did move their cars and i went back inside. i decided it would be a good idea to make a no parking sign, just in case there were more. i went outside and taped up the sign. i no more got myself back in the house than a silver caravan parked nearly in front of it. that made more ranting from the wife, in which she bounced between wanting me to go over an confront them or leave notes on the window of the car. i wasn't about to confront them, i was shaking to loopy hard and couldn't think clear. she told me to just forget it. i still wanted to call the cops and have them deal with it but she wouldn't hear of it and told me that they wouldn't do anything. i tried to drop it because i really didn't want the fight, i just wanted things to calm down. i decided on my own to write a note, not mean or anything , just asking them not to park there and to please move their car. it took them forever to move it but they did come and move their car...
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rude neighbors and mass confussion
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