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 an early Samhain??? what the fork???

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PostSubject: an early Samhain??? what the fork???   Wed Oct 26, 2011 10:41 pm

i was just told that i should be ready early incase someone decided to trick-or-treat early because Samhain is on a monday this year. big deal! so its on a weekday. why should that matter? i have lived here in the same house since i was 5 and nothing of the sort shes talking about has ever happened. now if i were a mall or the zoo or some other public place, i can understand that, but this is a private house. i am not sitting outside for 3 nights in a loopy row passin out candy! thats just flat out crazy! i have a verry specific routine, i wait till the last week, i deccorate the outside with all sorts of fun n scarey things.on the last day i carve the pumpkins, change the porch light to a blacklight and set out my illuminaries (one year i even had tiki torches), set up my personal table, call for pizza, grab my bottle of soda and shnnaps, get dressed like a witch, grab my player and music, grab an extra throw and go out an sit on the porch an pass out candy.i have had people show up hours before im ready but ive never ever had them show up days before im ready! to even suggest that it would happen.... well its like saying i am clueless about my neighborhood and i really hate being treated like im stupid when ive lived here all my life.
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an early Samhain??? what the fork???
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