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 so verry unfair!!!!

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so verry unfair!!!! Empty
PostSubject: so verry unfair!!!!   so verry unfair!!!! Icon_minitimeFri Oct 21, 2011 3:46 pm

i gave up my room and my privacy so that way i would not have to listen the her boyfriend bitch and also to keep him an his things out from under foot and so they could move back into my home. i was having problems sleeping in my bed anyway, it was super old and in extreme need of replacing (which they said they were going to give me their bed because it had some blood on it that wigged out the boyfriend, but that never happened) so i packed everything. i moved all my stuff into the bedroom of the roommate and moved a small amount of essentials downstairs to the couch where i would be living .i have absolutely no privacy now what so ever unless everyone leaves or between the hours of 4am and noon, but that's only when the roomie is gone, if not then it gets reduced to 4am to 6am. basically when im sleeping is when i get some privacy. my personal space has no been reduced to a chair int he corner of the living room, by the stairs. half of an extremely tiny closet, the couch and 2 shelves in the storage room....well it used to be 2 shelves. i had one for clothes and one for food. i just lost the one for food because apparently im not allowed to "hoard" food. excuse me if i wanted some things private, just for me, and i didn't want to share them with everyone that came over.i want to know that when i come home from where ever or when we have people over and they raid the kitchen that i have something to eat and that i am not stuck with something they have made up that they left behind that i may not like!

but i dont get that option now. not i cant buy for jsut me unless i plan on eating it where ever i am at that momment......crap. i hear movement upstairs...i might not get to finish.... false alarm maybe......all my food is now intergated into the collective....sort of anyway. its in a area that is never gotten into, so maybe i still have my private stash, if only for a little while.
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so verry unfair!!!!
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