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 useless roomies

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PostSubject: useless roomies   useless roomies Icon_minitimeTue Oct 18, 2011 11:23 am

yep, im bitchin again. so i got my dishwasher that the wife didnt want me to get. the guy who delivered it was awsome! hauled it all the way into the house and even waited around to make sure it worked before leaving! was the best fifty bucks ive ever spent! dishes are all caught up and im able to keep them up. but thats not whats buggin me. i figured that after getting the dishwasher people would start taking care of there own dishes. not the case at all, and i just do not get it. i do not understand.... i mean...how much effort dose it take to simply put it into the dishwasher rather than put it in the sink??? i mean, come on! they are right next to each other! and you cant say that you didnt know wether or not the dishes in the dishwasher were clean or dirty because this particular one come with a lovely knob/dial thingy that you can turn. one side says clean, one side says dirty.theres no way to get freakin confused about condition of the dishes contained within! if you have the brain cells to rinse the dishes off i cant understand why its so difficult to put them into the dishwasher.
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useless roomies
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