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 yea i said that but i didnt mean it

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yea i said that but i didnt mean it  Empty
PostSubject: yea i said that but i didnt mean it    yea i said that but i didnt mean it  Icon_minitimeWed Oct 12, 2011 9:05 pm

i am so angry with my wife right now i could and would scream if i thought it would do any good! for a long time now we have been dealing with not having a dishwasher. like around 2 years now. when it was just me and her, it was annoying but ok enough. but now it has grown to include a roommate and her boyfriend.no one but me dose the dishes so the dishes become overwhelming verry easily.now we are going to be moving at some point in time because the house is in forclosure and when the boyfriend moved in he brought most of the kitchen from the appartment with him. my breaking point was finally reached when he started unpacking things from those boxes that we allready have available and clean, making more stuff for me to clean. just what i need! more to freakin clean on top of what else i need to clean! so freakin delightfull!!!! so i freakin blew up at her and told her this is why i NEED a dishwasher, because i cant keep up!!!! she has told me twice and then recanted that i could get a dishwasher so i didnt bother pursuing it, i just went in the kitchen and washed angry. dropped a glass semi-accidentally and made a wet mess of the place till i was tired and came back to the living room, which is now my bedroom because i gave the boyfriend my room. she told me to go ahead an look for a dishwasher and that to be verry carefull with it so we can sell it when we leave. i was cautious. i asked if she was sure and she said yes. i immediatly started looking on craigslist
for one and got insanely lucky! i found someone selling one for twenty five bucks. i jumped on it and sent a message to the person and told them that if they would deliver it i would double it. that was 2 days ago. yesterday we were bussy looking at an appartment and shopping and i didnt get the reply till today. it was still available and he might be able to deliver and needed the address. i sent it and went out today and got the fifty and told my wife. i thought she would be happy that i took the innatiative to do this one little thing on my own instead of relying on her. i was wrong. she was under the impression i would cow down and not be ambitious about getting a dishwasher because we were moving, and yet it was her herself that told me that she didnt know how long we would be staying here....and now shes pissed because im trying to get one! what the freak is the deal here? i dont get it at all. im trying to make the problem better and shes treating me im making it worse.
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yea i said that but i didnt mean it
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